Wakabacho Wharf

The Wakabacho Wharf is an art center with a theatre holding 44 people in the first floor, a studio with mirrors and lesson bars on the second, and a 20 bead dormitory on the third. The first floor theatre is characterized by its convertible seats and stage, and a high ceiling at over 4 meters.

The Wakabacho Wharf aims to become the “city’s art center”. It is a place you can “create”, “stay”, and “live”. And a place where one can present the work made though that experience. It is a place where one can engage as audience, producing, and many more aspects. The imagery of the “wharf” is that of activities expanding and crossing paths.

Aritst In Residence(AIR) where artists create while residing in an area, receiving inspiration from the encounters that opportunity presents, are becoming more and more popular inside and outside of Japan, and the Wakabacho Wharf hopes to create a hub that works together with other facilities, encouraging tours and collaborations.

Wakabacho is an exciting area. It is an area with a diverse immigrant population, much accessible for foreign visiters.


WAKABACHO WHARF improvised dance Ⅲ "A Song of Fish, Donkey and Box" 若葉町ウォーフのダンス企画 即興ダンスⅢ 『魚と驢馬と箱のうた』


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