Workshop + Improvised jam session

Lecturers: Makoto Matsushima, Shoko Kashima Each workshop is 4 hours long (with short breaks). Each lecturer will conduct two workshops, followed by an improvised jam session where participants can experiment with new techniques and findings from the workshops.

Improvised Performance

 four dancers: Toru Iwashita, Yuko Kawamoto, Makoto Matsushima, Keiko Takeya

Both the jam session and performance will have live music (Yasuko Kaneko) and sound operation (Takeshi Shima)

Dates: October 28th(Wed) – November 1st(Sun)

28th (Wed) 13:00〜17:00  Matsushima workshop 1

29th (Thu) 13:00〜17:00  Matsushima workshop 2

                 19:00〜20:00  Improvised jam session 1

30th (Fri)  13:00〜17:00  Kashima workshop 1

       19:00〜20:00  Improvised Performance 1

31st (Sat)  11:00〜1500  Kashima workshop 2

                 16:00〜17:00  Improvised Jam Session 2

                 19:00〜20:00  Improvised Performance 2

1st(Sun)   10:30〜14:30  Matsushima workshop 3

                16:00〜17:00 Improvised Performance 3


WAKABACHO WHARF improvised dance Ⅲ "A Song of Fish, Donkey and Box" 若葉町ウォーフのダンス企画 即興ダンスⅢ 『魚と驢馬と箱のうた』


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