The Improv Dance

Keiko Takeya, internationally acclaimed dancer and choreographer, presents the Wakabacho Wharf’s Improv Dance series. Following the previous installments,

Improv Dance “Snow Falls On the Fool” (Jan. 2019) Improv Dance “Body of Mud, Body of Wind, Body of Tree” (Oct. 2019)

the series continues to expand its experimentation.

The program consists not only of improvised performances, but also includes workshops and improvised jam sessions, removing the boundaries between performer and audience.

To appreciate dance in the moment

To feel every inch of your body, and to express freely


WAKABACHO WHARF improvised dance Ⅲ "A Song of Fish, Donkey and Box" 若葉町ウォーフのダンス企画 即興ダンスⅢ 『魚と驢馬と箱のうた』


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